We're building the One Place for Calendars, Schedules & Events in the Twin Cities.

Subscribe. Follow. Mash up. Invite. Share. Sync to Google, iCloud & Outlook.

What you have to do gets into your calendar and automatically updates.

Schools, churches, teams, clubs, fitness schedules, classes, tickets, carpools, garbage collection...you name it.

What you might like to do is easy to discover.

Organized into "Currents" are a series of events, which you can browse, share, pull into your calendar or have pushed to you. Theaters, museums, breweries, markets, parks, pro sports, libraries, music venues & clubs, retailers, whatever.

...and we work with the calendar you already have.

You love Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal? So do we. Use Sunrise or Tempo? Fantastic. We ensure the right content gets to whichever calendar(s) you’re using. We’re the “Gore-tex” in your calendar coat, the “Intel Inside” in your calendar computer.

Do you organize events, publish schedules or run a calendar?

We help businesses, music venues, schools, theaters, sports teams & leagues, museums, churches, breweries, cities, clubs and loads more local organizations simply publish, manage and communicate events of any size. Our publishers get into people’s calendars and stay there.

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