We've got better things to do.

The App
It’s hard to keep track of everything going on in the Twin Cities. And too often we find out about the better things after they’ve happened. Cue FoMO. That’s because there’s no central place for events, social feeds are too full and too fast, and there’s no way to save things we do find for later.

We've built an app that makes sure you never miss the things you and your friends will love.

We've combined event search, friends’ recommendations, popularity, your past app activity, and your present mindset to help you discover better things. You can save your favorites in a want­-to-­do list and “huddle” with your friends to organize the next day or night out. The more you discover, the better we know what to show you next.

Why We Built What We Built
We built something different on purpose, but we didn't do it to be different. We spent a lot of time listening to you talk about free time, and we believe the way the app works matches how we all search, decide and plan what we want to do in our free time.

The Team
We are a tech company made up of coders, product designers and marketers. Most of us live and work in the fabulous Twin Cities.